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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

When the hot summer weather hits, the last thing anybody wants is for their air conditioner to stop working right. There are some common issues that homeowners should look into before calling a cooling company. This will save you the expense of having a technician out and get your AC system quickly back in working order.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter is at the root of many AC problems. It can cause low airflow from vents, a frozen evaporator coil, equipment failure, water leakage from the outdoor AC unit, and more issues. Pull the air filter out and, if you see a layer of dirt, replace it with a new one.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Technicians are often called out to a house because the air conditioner won’t turn on, only to find it’s because the thermostat is set to “HEAT” instead of “COOL.” This most commonly happens at the beginning of the cooling season. It’s always wise to check your thermostat if your AC isn’t working as it should.

Check the Electrical Panel

Look at your electrical panel to see if the circuit breaker for your air conditioner is tripped. If it is, firmly move it back into the “ON” position. If the breaker continues to flip, you need to contact an HVAC company, as it means there’s a short somewhere in the AC system. Alabama Climate Control, Inc. helps people with air conditioning problems out of our office in Huntsville, AL. We offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning repairs, too.

Check the Outdoor AC Unit

If your outdoor AC unit is covered in dirt, that may be the source of the problem. You should clean off the dirt using a gentle setting on your sprayer. You should also move anything away that is closer than three feet.

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