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Are Modern Air Conditioners More Energy Efficient?

Air Conditioning System

If you need a new air conditioner, you want to find one that’s energy-efficient. Thankfully, modern air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than older ones in several ways.

SEER Rating

Air conditioner energy efficiency is shown by its SEER rating, SEER, or “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating,” is like MPG for cars. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner. Note the SEER rating tells you the air conditioner’s maximum potential.

10 years ago, air conditioners had SEER ratings of 10 or even less. They weren’t very energy efficient. They’re now required to be at least SEER 13. The EPA recommends you buy one that is at least Seer 15. There are air conditioners made that are rated over SEER 25, although they’re rather pricey and are overkill for most people.

Variable Speed Compressors

Some modern air conditioners have variable speed compressors. This technology allows them to operate as low as 25% capacity. When operating at lower power, they still adequately cool your home. When the compressor is operating at a lower capacity, less electricity is used.

Variable Speed Fan

There are also variable speed fans in some modern air conditioners. The fan moves cool air through your home’s ductwork. Unlike older air conditioners, the motor can run within a range of speeds. This provides better air control.

An advantage of variable speed fans is they are more energy-efficient than older air conditioners. Their motor consumes less electricity than single-speed motors. This saves money on your electricity bills.

Variable speed fans are also great for zoning your home. When you zone your home, you can cool different parts of your home to different temperatures. You can allow unused rooms to get warmer, which is energy efficient.

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