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Are You Making Mistakes With Your AC? What to Avoid

Does your air conditioner run but you do not see a decrease in your indoor temperature? This is a sure sign you have a problem with your unit. The problem could be due to wear or malfunction, but it could be due to user error. Unfortunately, many homeowners make expensive mistakes which not only cause you discomfort, but also can cause damage to your unit.

Here are some mistakes that could cause significant problems for your air conditioner unit.

Not Cleaning and Changing the Air Filter

One of the cheapest and easiest things you can do to maintain your air conditioner system is change or clean your air filters. The air filter is arguably one of the most important parts of the air conditioner.

Over time, it filters out the dust and debris through the air conditioner, which otherwise would find its way into your home. This means the air filter will get dirty and clogged. A dirty filter will obstruct the flow of air into your home and decrease the AC system’s overall efficiency. The coils will also get dirty, which will cause major issues as time goes on.

If you do not yet know, check to see which type of filter your air conditioner needs. Some need to be replaced completely, while other filters are reusable. Either way, you should ideally change or clean your filter at least every few months. But you still check the filter monthly.

In dry, dusty climates, you may find you need to change the filter each month. If you have indoor pets, you should also check your air filter more frequently, as pet hair and dander will cycle through the system and cause clogs. You should also consider a professional cleaning of your system at least once a year for maximum efficiency.

Not Checking Your Vents

The vents throughout your home are the primary method to get the cool air into each room. You need to check them regularly to ensure they work as they should. Check for any blockages to the vents, such as furniture, curtains, toys, or anything else. The vents need to be free of any obstructions.

If you have rooms in your home you do not use often, consider closing the vents in those rooms to maximize the cooling efficiently throughout the rest of the house. Also, close your blinds or curtains in rooms with a lot of regular sunlight. The vents will only work harder in those rooms to keep it cool, potentially causing your air conditioner to overwork itself.

Not Regulating Your Thermostat

Another problem is homeowners who do not keep the thermostat at an even temperature. Many choose to keep the thermostat low with the goal of a very cold house, then turn it up again once the air gets to the desired temperature.

Constantly changing the setting on the thermostat can cause your energy use to spike and can do damage on your system. Constant cycling of the air conditioner in irregular intervals creates more work for the unit, which results in premature damage. This will ultimately cost you money and discomfort.

Not Locating the Outdoor Unit in the Correct Place

Another issue for some homeowners is the location of the outdoor condenser unit. For the best efficiency, the unit should be in a place which gets the most shade during the day. Condenser units are essentially the brains of your air conditioner. If it gets too hot, the unit will eventually wear out or, at the least, not perform optimally.

You can call your HVAC technician to move the outdoor unit if you have a better place for it. For those who either do not want to move the unit or do not have a shadier place, you could plant some trees in the vicinity to help create shade. A tall fence around the unit is also helpful with shade, but the fence should not be too close, as this could restrict air flow.

If you have any questions about your air conditioning unit, please contact us at Alabama Climate Control Inc.

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