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How to Read Thermostat Modes/Settings?

When the temperature isn’t quite right, it can be difficult to sleep or enjoy your time indoors. Your thermostat helps you direct the operation of your home’s heating and cooling system. With the desired temperature chosen, your next step is to select a setting that controls the system’s fan. Continual Fan Operation Choose the ON […]

How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

When your air conditioning system is clean, it operates more efficiently and reliably. It also lasts longer. While you should have your AC system tuned-up once a year by a professional, there are components you can clean if you have the right tools and knowledge. Evaporator Coils Your air conditioner has an outdoor unit and […]

Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze Up?

It might sound unusual, but your Huntsville, AL, home’s air conditioner could get too cold. A frozen air conditioner can’t remove heat from your house. Read on to learn about three reasons why your air conditioner has frozen up. 1. Poor Airflow Poor airflow is a leading cause of frozen air conditioners. A problem with […]

Are Modern Air Conditioners More Energy Efficient?

If you need a new air conditioner, you want to find one that’s energy-efficient. Thankfully, modern air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than older ones in several ways. SEER Rating Air conditioner energy efficiency is shown by its SEER rating, SEER, or “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating,” is like MPG for cars. The higher the SEER […]

What Are Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

For better or worse, the air you breathe plays a big role in your overall health. That’s why it’s important to do your best to understand the different substances that are in the air you breathe. While you can rely on air quality reports to tell you what’s in the outdoor air in Huntsville, the […]

How Often Should You Get HVAC Maintenance?

Huntsville, AL, has long, steamy hot summers and cool, wet winters. You’ll need a reliable heating and cooling system to get you through these extreme weather conditions. One of the best ways to make sure that your heating and cooling system works effectively is to schedule regular maintenance. Use these tips from our skilled technicians […]

How Are Air Ducts Repaired?

If you notice that your heating and air conditioning bills have increased but you haven’t adjusted your thermostat, damaged or leaky ducts could be the reason why. Damaged or leaky air ducts could waste as much as 30% of the heated or cooled air passing through them. This can also lead to more heating and […]

Do Heat Pumps Require Maintenance?

Maybe you own a relatively new heat pump. It has been providing energy-efficient service for a year or two now, and you see no reason to spend money on an annual tune-up. But as the following will suggest, this is critical task homeowners tend to neglect. It Prevents Mechanical Issues Mechanical issues aren’t always obvious, […]

Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace is only blowing cold air, there can be several reasons why. There are a few things you can check before placing a call to a furnace repair company. Misprogrammed Thermostat Check your thermostat settings. Make sure the switch is on “ON” and not “AUTO.” When it’s on “AUTO,” the fan will run […]

Benefits of Fall Preventive Maintenance Service for Your Heating System

Temperatures are dropping in Huntsville, AL, which means that it’s time to schedule a fall preventive maintenance service for your home’s heating system. Now is a good time for an autumn tune-up because there’s plenty of time to make sure your heating system is ready for cold weather. These are the benefits of fall preventive […]