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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

When the hot summer weather hits, the last thing anybody wants is for their air conditioner to stop working right. There are some common issues that homeowners should look into before calling a cooling company. This will save you the expense of having a technician out and get your AC system quickly back in working […]

Alabama Climate Control 2020 Charity Projects

Alabama Climate Control had in its possession two slightly used air conditioning split systems from an owner that wanted to install state of the art Trane systems last year. We asked our employees for recommendations for family, friends or customers in need of a new system that could not financially afford one due to their […]

Are You Making Mistakes With Your AC? What to Avoid

Does your air conditioner run but you do not see a decrease in your indoor temperature? This is a sure sign you have a problem with your unit. The problem could be due to wear or malfunction, but it could be due to user error. Unfortunately, many homeowners make expensive mistakes which not only cause […]

3 Common Causes of an Inefficient Air Conditioner

Maintaining a cool home ranks as a high priority for those who live in regions with hot summers. As temperatures continue to climb in the coming months, you’ll rely more and more heavily on the comfort your air conditioner provides. A problematic or poorly maintained unit will quickly show its true colors as cooling demands […]

Preventing 3 Causes of Air Conditioner Compressor Failure

The compressor lies at the heart of a residential air conditioning system’s condenser unit. The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant flowing back from the evaporator coil inside your home, thus promoting a more effective release of heat once the refrigerant flows into the condenser coil. Air conditioning compressors are built to withstand the […]

3 Problems a Dirty HVAC Filter Can Cause

You probably know you should change your HVAC filter regularly, but you may not realize just how important it is. You don’t want to be lax about changing the filter.A dirty filter has a serious impact on the functioning of your air conditioner or furnace. So much so that a clogged filter can lead to […]

Energy-Efficient Climate Control for Your Pet

For animals like puppies, a temperature of 72 degrees can be ideal. Many pets stay home all day long, and pet owners can find themselves wondering what the best way is to keep their pets comfortable without having to heat and cool their entire home. Creating some climate-controlled areas in your home could be beneficial. […]

3 Ways to Enjoy Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning This Summer

Even in Alabama’s hot and humid climate, it’s possible to reduce the energy you use to run your central air conditioning (AC) system. Here are three ways to cut your summertime power needs while you stay cool. 1. Schedule a Preseason Tuneup Central air conditioning units require very little in the way of maintenance. As […]

Understanding Radiant Heating Systems

As the cost of fuel sources such as natural gas and heating oil continues to rise, more and more people are exploring alternative options for heating their home during the winter months. Radiant heating represents one form of heating that has gained many devotees in recent years, thanks to its small footprint, quiet operation, and […]

Common Problems That Can Keep Your Air Conditioner From Operating Properly

If your air conditioner isn’t performing as it should, or maybe won’t turn on at all, don’t panic. Not every air conditioning problem is due to an expensive breakdown or failure. In fact, there is a good possibility the cause of your trouble is nothing more than a minor issue that you can resolve easily […]