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Do Heat Pumps Require Maintenance?

Maybe you own a relatively new heat pump. It has been providing energy-efficient service for a year or two now, and you see no reason to spend money on an annual tune-up. But as the following will suggest, this is critical task homeowners tend to neglect.

It Prevents Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues aren’t always obvious, but the inspection that comes with a professional tune-up could easily pinpoint these and eliminate them. For instance, electrical connections may loosen, causing overheating and a tripping of the circuit breaker. In serious cases, fires may erupt. An inspection could also uncover:

  • Hindrances to airflow
  • Bad motors and components
  • Leaks in refrigerant lines
  • Air leaks in the ductwork

During the maintenance visit, technicians could clean the coils and fan, replace the filter and lubricate the motor. These can prevent a lot of premature wear and tear on the system.

It Saves You Money

The result of these inspections and little fixes is nothing to underestimate. When the air flows smoothly and the components are effectively transferring heat, the heat pump can operate at a minimal cost. You may observe a reduction in your energy bills. Besides that, you save money in the long run because a well-maintained system won’t need as many repairs and will be more likely to reach its full life span.

Most Manufacturer’s Warranties Require It

Last but not least, check to see if your manufacturer’s warranty requires maintenance: that is, maintenance done by a qualified technician. Most warranties won’t cover damage that arises on account of homeowners’ neglect of their system.

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