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Energy-Efficient Climate Control for Your Pet

For animals like puppies, a temperature of 72 degrees can be ideal. Many pets stay home all day long, and pet owners can find themselves wondering what the best way is to keep their pets comfortable without having to heat and cool their entire home. Creating some climate-controlled areas in your home could be beneficial.

Improve the Overall Climate Control of Your Home

One way you can tackle this problem is to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. There are many ways you can do this:

  • Add insulation and sealant: Windows and doors are often the largest culprits when it comes to losing energy.
  • Maintain and clean your ductwork: Old, damaged ducts can lose energy and make your home draftier. Likewise, ducts filled with dust will force the HVAC system to work harder.
  • Upgrade your HVAC system: If your HVAC system already needs an upgrade, upgrading it now could potentially save you money long-term, by improving energy efficiency.

Improving the climate control of your home has benefits for your furry friends as well as your human family and house guests.

Create a Split HVAC System

A split HVAC system has two smaller HVAC solutions rather than a single large HVAC solution. With a split system, you can have different areas of your home at different temperatures. You can even turn off one system entirely if you want.As an example, you could have an HVAC system at one level of your house that keeps it relatively warm, while an HVAC system at the bottom of the house is off. If your pets stay in the upper areas of the home, they can be warm and toasty; if they get too hot, they can go down.A split system is often ideal for homes that are larger or that have multiple levels. These systems are often more affordable because you can choose to only heat or cool part of the home even when you’re at home. If you aren’t using your office, for instance, you may not need to heat it.

Install a Climate-Controlled Zone

It’s possible to create a single climate-controlled zone in your home or even in your yard. Special pet HVAC systems do exist that can be attached to outside dog houses or dog houses that are in an enclosed area, such as a basement. A climate-controlled basement can still be connected to the main home with the use of a pet door, giving your animals options while you’re out. 

Add Some Smart Technology

New HVAC systems also have optional smart technologies, such as technologies that can control individual HVAC vents to make sure that certain rooms are getting warmer or colder than others. These systems can even close vents off automatically, to redirect hot air and create a climate-controlled zone without additional modifications.A smart system will be able to improve your energy by making the most out of your heating and cooling. Many learning thermostats can identify the best ways to heat your home, while automatic scheduling can adjust the temperature as needed based on your schedule and when you and your pets are inside.When you’re away from your home, you can simply heat or cool this one area of the home, and turn the HVAC system off in the rest of your home. If your family prefers a temperature colder or hotter than your pet does, you can provide them with an area that they prefer that they can lounge in when they aren’t playing or otherwise occupied. When pets are playing outside, they’ll also have a climate-controlled retreat. For more information, contact us at Alabama Climate Control, Inc. We’re happy to take a look at your system and help you with an upgrade.

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