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How Are Air Ducts Repaired?

If you notice that your heating and air conditioning bills have increased but you haven’t adjusted your thermostat, damaged or leaky ducts could be the reason why. Damaged or leaky air ducts could waste as much as 30% of the heated or cooled air passing through them. This can also lead to more heating and cooling malfunctions, increased wear and tear and a shorter lifespan for your heating and cooling system. We offer several methods of duct repairs in Huntsville, AL.

Mastic Sealant

Mastic sealant is a good option for a small area of damage in an air duct. This type of sealant forms a tight bond. It works on any duct material. The mastic is waterproof and flexible after it cures. This sealant doesn’t corrode, and it can be applied with a caulking gun.

Metallic Tape

Metallic tape is the true duct tape. It’s usually made of aluminum foil. This material is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and easy to apply. It forms a mechanical seal, so it lasts longer than the mastic sealant. The tape works on most types of ducts. There’s no curing time, so you can turn your heating and cooling system on immediately after this type of repair.

When to Repair Versus Replace a Duct

If a duct has a large area of damage, a repair might not be an option. Ducts that have corroded should also be replaced. If a duct is more than 30 years old, replacing it may provide a better seal. It’s best to leave duct repairs and replacements to trained professionals. Improper repair or replacement of ducts could cause worse damage to your heating and cooling system and lead to higher utility bills.

At Alabama Climate Control, we’re proud to be the trusted provider of duct repairs in Huntsville. Homeowners also count on us for precise heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation. Besides that, our indoor air quality solutions will keep your home healthy and comfortable. For additional details about our duct repair services, get in touch with us at Alabama Climate Control today.