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How Often Should You Get HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC Maintenance

Huntsville, AL, has long, steamy hot summers and cool, wet winters. You’ll need a reliable heating and cooling system to get you through these extreme weather conditions. One of the best ways to make sure that your heating and cooling system works effectively is to schedule regular maintenance. Use these tips from our skilled technicians at Alabama Climate Control to know when and how often to schedule a tune-up for your heating and cooling system.

Schedule a Springtime AC Tune-up

The long, hot, and humid summers in Huntsville will put a lot of work on your central air conditioning system. We recommend scheduling a spring tune-up in March. During this tune-up, our certified technicians clean the entire cooling system, lubricate the moving parts and verify the refrigerant level. We’ll also check and replace the air filter.

Arrange an Autumn Heating Maintenance Visit

Although Huntsville winters aren’t extremely cold, December and January nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing on occasion. When this happens, you’ll need an efficient heating system to keep your home warm. We recommend an autumn tune-up for your heating system. The best time to schedule it is in October or early November. During this maintenance visit, our technicians check the gas supply valves, electrical controls, thermocouple, burners, pilot or igniter, heat exchanger, and thermostat.

Spring and Fall Heat Pump Maintenance

Many homes in Huntsville have a heat pump. This single system offers both heating and cooling functions. It’s important to schedule two maintenance visits for your heat pump every year. Schedule one in the springtime and the second in the autumn season. Between maintenance visits, be sure to check the air filter once per month.

At Alabama Climate Control, we’re the trusted providers of heating and air conditioning maintenance in Huntsville. Homeowners also rely on us for heating and air conditioning repair and installation services. Our indoor air quality solutions keep your home comfortable, healthy, and clean all year long. For more details or to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment, get in touch with us at Alabama Climate Control today.