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How to Choose the Most Effective Air Purification System

Purchasing an air purification system for your home is a great investment for many people. An air purification system plays a key role in improving the quality of air in your home and in creating a cleaner indoor environment. However, choosing the best air purification system to meet your needs isn’t always easy due to the wide range of available options.

Here are a few of the top things to remember if you are considering an air purification system.

1. What Are Your Specific Needs?

Understanding your specific needs is essential to helping you find an air purification system. Some models are designed for allergy relief, and others are more helpful in reducing chemical pollutants that can cause asthma attacks. Always doing the extra research beforehand is a good idea to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

2. Know the Size of Your Room

Another important item to consider is the size of your room. Knowing the square footage of your room makes it much easier to choose an air purifier with the correct size. Typically, small air purifiers are great options for rooms up to 299 square feet whereas a medium air purifier is effective for rooms between 300 to 699 square feet. You will need a much larger air purifier for rooms between 700 and 1,900 square feet.

3. How Much Maintenance Is Required?

Understanding the maintenance required for an air purification system is always a good idea before making a purchase. Typically, you will need to replace carbon filters every six months, and HyperHEPA filters can last up to five years. Always knowing the maintenance required is essential to keep your system working great for a long time.

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