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How to Read Thermostat Modes/Settings?

Thermostat Settings in Huntsville, AL

When the temperature isn’t quite right, it can be difficult to sleep or enjoy your time indoors. Your thermostat helps you direct the operation of your home’s heating and cooling system. With the desired temperature chosen, your next step is to select a setting that controls the system’s fan.

Continual Fan Operation

Choose the ON function, and the system will keep the fan running continually after the right temperature has been reached. The most noticeable advantage to this setting is the continued air distribution throughout the home. However, this can be a disadvantage because of the additional energy use. Plus, as the system stops heating or cooling the air, the fan can blow the opposite air into your rooms. This means in the summer, it can begin pushing hot air into the home and in the winter cold air.

Automatic Fan Shutdown

The AUTO setting is the one to choose for cost savings. AUTO tells the system to turn off the fan and the system once the proper temperature has been reached. You use less energy, and that means no added cost to your power bill.

Alabama Climate Control has NATE-certified technicians available to address your home’s temperature control issues in Huntsville. Let us know if we can repair and replace your thermostat for you.

Fan Only Use

Sometimes all you need is a house fan to keep your indoor air comfortable. Choose the FAN setting if you want the fan to operate without the heating or cooling system. Opening windows on the opposite side of the home from the main vent can pull the stirred air into rooms.

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