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Alabama Climate Control offers the area’s most complete and lasting energy-efficient comfort solutions for your home or business.

Heating And Cooling System Installations

Whether you are upgrading to gain the benefits of a more efficient heating and cooling system at your present address or building a new home, Trane’s line of leading comfort equipment has a capacity, efficiency and price that will suit your needs. Count on the Alabama Climate Control team to make sure you enjoy maximum performance right from the start. Systems include cooling, heating, air cleaners, comfort controls and accessories.


When you need service on your home comfort system, our technicians can quickly and effectively diagnose, adjust or repair it to restore peak performance and efficiency. What’s more, they’ll take the time to ensure you understand the root cause of any problem and patiently answer all your questions. From air conditioners to furnaces and boilers, we handle all makes and models and, in most cases, fix your issue on the first visit so you can get on with your day.

Peventative Maintenance Agreements

Ensuring that your cooling and heating equipment performs at peak efficiency and lasts for its full lifecycle is one of our passions. Before the cooling or heating seasons, we recommend that you have your system inspected and checked out by one of our maintenance experts. When you let things go, minor issues have a way of becoming big problems. For information on our Alabama Climate Control Maintenance Agreements for peace-of-mind service that preserves year-round comfort and reliability.

Indoor Air Quality

To get cleaner, healthier indoor air, let the experts at Alabama Climate Control inspect your home’s ventilation and air intake sources. We will evaluate your air intake systems and modify them as necessary to achieve optimal air flow. We’ll also check possible pollutants within your home and make adjustments to neutralize them. Whether you are looking to eliminate animal dander, dust, chemical residue or other indoor contaminants, or you want to expel pollen, exhaust and toxins that come in from outside, we have air purifiers and humidifiers to put you in the clear.

Duct Work

Well-designed duct systems can maintain consistent temperatures throughout the house, efficiently and quietly. Poorly designed duct systems have the opposite impact, resulting in leaks and uneven air distribution. From our in-house fabrication shop, the experts at Alabama Climate Control can design the ideal duct configuration for your specific system, enhancing comfort from room to room and creating year-round savings in heating and cooling costs.

Custom Home and Remodeling Services

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Huntsville and Madison Counties who are remodeling or building a new home. We plan HVAC mechanical systems, spec and install equipment, and provide all labor and materials through our in-house fabrication services. For homeowners who want higher efficiency equipment and custom accessories, we take the steps to address their exact needs and create a special system design down to the last detail.