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Strategies for Safely Using a Space Heater in Your Home

Space Heater Safety in Huntsville, AL

Each year when the temperature in Alabama turns a bit chillier, the use of space heaters increases. Unfortunately, a lot of people misuse space heaters, resulting in as much as 32% of house fires that occur annually in the United States. While space heaters serve a purpose, there are some safety tips that many people could benefit from in their own homes and in the houses of those who they love.

Always Remember to Turn Off Your Heater When You’re Done With It

A space heater can be used for a number of hours each day, but you need to remember to turn off the unit when it’s not needed. Too many people forget that their heater is plugged in, and a fire can break out. Before they realize what’s going on, the fire is too big to control. You can also unplug the heater to confirm it’s not going to run.

Think About Where Your Space Heater Should Go

All space heaters should be about 3 feet away from other items in the room. This can include anything from furniture to bedding. If you have a unit that moves from side to side while it’s running, make sure that the path around the unit is clear.

Before starting your heater, ensure it’s located on a flat surface that’s safe from anyone knocking it over. If you’re worried about it being moved by someone walking by or a pet bumping into it, then look for a space heater that has an automatic shut-off feature. If the unit is knocked over, it will turn itself off automatically.

Inspect Your Space Heater on a Regular Basis

A space heater can experience malfunctions and damage just like any other electronic item. Give your heater a quick inspection each time you’re about to plug it in and run it. You want to look for frayed wires, loose buttons, or a cracked vent. Repair or replace the heater as needed.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Alabama Climate Control can help you prepare for the winter months in Huntsville, AL, give us a call today. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment for anything like routine inspection of your furnace, cleaning your ductwork, or replacing an old unit that has lost its efficiency and functionality.

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